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How Foundation Works.

How it works
on Foundation

Discover and collect art that speaks to you.


Explore our roster of visionary creators, and find artwork that speaks to you on a personal level. We curate digital pieces from experimental artists whose visionary work will continue to grow in value.


Find an artwork you love? Place a bid, and if the creator accepts it, ownership of the piece will transfer to you—cementing your place among the next wave of future-focused collectors.


As works in your collection appreciate in value, you can resell them. Anytime you resell an artwork, the creator receives a 10% royalty, which supports their practice and helps keep our creative ecosystem strong.

How it works
on Foundation

Sell your art and connect with collectors.


Our platform uses blockchain technology to mint unique tokens (NFTs) certifying the authenticity and provenance of your digital work, which gives collectors confidence in what they’re buying. Don’t worry, we make the process easy.


Set your starting price, and open up bidding for your artwork. When you accept a bid, the collector will become the owner of the piece, but it will continue to be viewable on Foundation and wherever else it lives online. You'll earn 90% of what the buyer pays.


After you sell your work, it can continue to appreciate in value—and when that happens, you get paid. If a collector resells your work, you'll always earn a 10% royalty, allowing you to capture passive income through secondary sales.

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