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César Piette Splits with Almine Rech

Alongside Cesar Piette's exhibition at Almine Rech London, the artist is bridging the physical with the realm of NFTs.
Published 16 September 2021

Visual storytelling with Alejandro Cartagena.

A photo-based interview with one of the leading photographers in NFTs.
Published 12 September 2021

Artist Invite: Yung Jake and Lucien Smith

Art world friends and confidants share their thoughts on championing the metaverse and serving the people.
Published 7 September 2021

Enter Linda Dounia’s Cyber Baat World

Artist Linda Dounia is bringing together 21 creators for the inaugural Cyber Baat exhibition in Dakar.
Published 3 September 2021

NEW DIMENSIONS for a new world

Announcing an open call to play with the possibilities of 3D NFTs, and help shape the emerging metaverse.
Published 1 September 2021

The next big thing: secondary markets

Predictions for how secondary NFT sales will revolutionize creative industries.
Published 30 August 2021

Tyler Givens on making fantasies a reality.

Welcome to the sexy, destructive world inhabited by a series of fantastical characters created by Tyler Givens.
Published 9 August 2021

Becka Saville visualizes memories.

Through art, Becka Saville is capturing recalled memories and flashbacks as visual explosions of fluid movements.
Published 8 August 2021

Auriea Harvey Splits with bitforms gallery.

As NFTs become widely adopted, Auriea Harvey and bitforms are pioneering new transparent models between artists and the galleries they choose to represent them.
Published 3 August 2021

Tory Bryant has an eye for design.

How the dual artist and collector is helping creators build momentum.
Published 1 August 2021

Idil Dursun is constructing new worlds.

The concept artist and architect shares dreams for a future of immersive, architectural NFTs.
Published 30 July 2021

Oseanworld dives into 3D.

For the launch of 3D NFTs on Foundation, we plunge into the depths of Oseanworld’s multidimensional practice.
Published 28 July 2021

Artist Invite: Archan Nair & Iannocent

Two old friends and visual experts bring their fantasies to life in the metaverse.
Published 27 July 2021

IX Shells Splits with Sofia Crespo

In this split interview, generative artist Itzel Yard (IX Shells) shares a dialogue with Sofia Crespo about patterns in nature, collaboration, and finding your artistic voice.
Published 21 July 2021

Paper Rad on setting the precedent for Internet culture.

We talk to the art collective at the nexus between contemporary art, internet culture, and underground music.
Published 14 July 2021

Parra on bringing DIY grittiness online.

The man behind the method shares his take on skating and creating outside the lines.
Published 13 July 2021

Artist Invite: Somnath Bhatt & Suren Seneviratne

On relishing the unexpected and finding friendships that keep you grounded through the hype.
Published 8 July 2021

Mondo on collecting as a way of life.

The renowned patron’s journey into NFTs comes after decades of acquiring artworks and other collectibles.
Published 7 July 2021

Chris Torres on building the Meme Economy.

The creator of Nyan Cat on what it feels like to go viral, how NFTs are lifting up previously unknown artists, and the debut of Meme World.
Published 1 July 2021

Artist Invite: Andre O’Shea & Aaron Ricketts

The animator and photographer frame surrealist work through their own unique lenses.
Published 24 June 2021
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