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herstoryDAO Manifesto

Plus, an interview with co-founder Cyn Bahati on herstoryDAO’s origins, mission, and re-architecting the crypto space
Published 10 June 2021

Artist Invite: Rafaël Rozendaal & Austin Lee

Two artists on the broadening definition of internet art.
Published 7 June 2021

Francesca Gavin on the intrigue of formlessness.

The groundbreaking contemporary art writer and curator shares her insights on replicability, value, web3, and our “obsession with nothing.”
Published 1 June 2021

Holly Herndon and Mat Dryhurst on the dreamy possibilities of decentralized collaboration.

The artist and musician couple share how they’ve stayed true to their creative principles while simultaneously pushing the evolving boundaries of AI, DAOs, and other decentralized tech.
Published 25 May 2021

Foundation’s smart contracts are verified and open source.

We’re contributing to a more transparent and accessible future.
Published 25 May 2021

Artist Invite: Jimmy Edgar & Pilar Zeta

The collaborative artistic force connects the dots between their individual practices.
Published 19 May 2021

Rick Silva on the nature of a not-too-distant future.

A fascination with the wilderness, landscapes, and geological forms are central to the artist’s Geomancer series.
Published 17 May 2021

Guest Blog: Gene Kogan on the art of credit assignment.

Artist and programmer Gene Kogan begins to unravel the possibilities of ArtDAOs.
Published 12 May 2021

Bruce LaBruce on f$%king up NFTs.

An update from the veteran photographer, filmmaker, and all around iconoclast.
Published 10 May 2021

Manual Photo + Raven B. on picturing a whole new world.

Our favorite scene photographers join forces and hive mind the future of images in NFTs.
Published 5 May 2021

Brian Calvin on his imaginary portraits.

How the California artist painted his way into NFTs.
Published 4 May 2021

Yatreda on the power of storytelling and owning your history.

A family of artists celebrates Ethiopian legacies with NFTs.
Published 4 May 2021

Guest Blog: A community interview with a mysterious egg.

Aito answers questions from the creators in Foundation’s Discord community.
Published 3 May 2021

Everything you need to know about DAOs.

A primer on how DAOs are working to collectively shape the new creative economy.
Published 28 April 2021

PleasrDAO’s $5.5M purchase of Edward Snowden’s genesis NFT.

We interviewed PleasrDAO’s Chief Pleasing Officer on how the group came together to purchase the fourth highest-selling NFT of all time.
Published 27 April 2021

Chris Dorland on transforming glitches into artworks.

The artist explores themes of dystopia in his new NFT series.
Published 26 April 2021

exonemo on communicating love and hate for NFTs.

The Japanese artist duo exonemo generated a random debate about NFTs for their debut in the space.
Published 26 April 2021

Artist Invite: Jen Stark & Takeshi Murata

A new series delving into the connections between artists on Foundation.
Published 22 April 2021

The future is in FlucT.

The performance art duo are using their bodies to push boundaries.
Published 21 April 2021

Miya Folick on becoming very good at living.

How one memorable karaoke performance inspired the artist’s first NFT.
Published 20 April 2021
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